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Unity is a forum for game creation to build both 3D and 2D games, environments, models, and prototypes. Both indie games and companies can use the common site.

Has three pieces of it:

A game engine – to help you develop, test and play games in a variety of settings.
Application – to combine the design or user interface with the graphics preview option and the play control feature.
A code editor, called IDE, includes a text editor to write code. However, a separate text editor is typically used to prevent annoyance.

Nice Built-in Features of:

It has everything you need to make your game from scratch
Perfect tool for prototyping everything from sports to digital visualisation.
Let’s import the properties of the game and write the codes
Let’s build games, animations, AR, VR, UI system, Particle systems, etc.
You only have to develop it once, and then you can deploy it anywhere (what’s that? Patience, my young Padawan!)


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